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Github repository here

Open source Puns! We've got a data dump of all of our puns on our site. You can check out the Github repository here

We would appreciate you keeping the source of Punatorium with the data you use. You can use it for private or commercial purpose, but please link back to Punatorium.

What might you use Open Pun (OPun) for? Well, you could spin up your own Pun of the Day API, to return a random pun each day. You could feed the puns into a chat bot to tell random jokes for your community (Need a chat bot? Check out our Typescript based chat bot that works on Discord, Telegram, and IRC).

More into AI? Maybe try feeding in the pun data into a machine learning model. Teach computers to tell puns! Maybe you're more interested in detecting patterns of puns, or want to run statistical analysis on puns to see how often the same joke is told?

We'd love to see what creations you make with this data. So let us know at Contact Us (

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