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I like to listen to drum solos over and over again, but I'm afraid of any possible repercussions.

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1 March 2021

Why do Farmers like dubstep?  They love it when the beet drops.

Vinyl Records

4 March 2020

I prefer buying all my music as vinyl records. It's very much a sound choice.


28 November 2019

What's a turkey's favorite song? "All about that baste"

Black Eyed Peas

4 November 2019

What did the band the Black Eyed Peas say after going to the dentist?  🎶🎵 I've got a filling! 🎶🎵


30 August 2019

What's a chiropractor's favorite genre of music? Hip-pop.


12 August 2019

Records are groovy.


6 July 2019

What's a balloon's least favorite music genre? Pop music.


5 July 2019

What happens when you drop a piano down a mineshaft? A-flat miner.


4 July 2019

Why doesn't Beethoven like chickens? All they ask for is "Bach, Bach Bach"

Cow Musician

3 July 2019

What do you call a cow that can play a musical instrument? A Moo-sician.

Singing Cows

2 July 2019

What key do cows sing? Beef flat.


12 April 2019

What's a pianist's favorite sandwich? A Tune-a Sandwich.


20 December 2018

I carved a guitar pick out of a boulder. It is used for rock music.


7 November 2018

She fashioned a music note out of a pebble. It became rock music.

Music Genre

10 April 2017

What is Simba's favorite musical genre? Pride rock.