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When coral gets stressed out, they die. Their most stressing topic? Current events, though it comes in waves.

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23 May 2018

What is it called when a shrimp kills another? A krilling spree!

Fish Preparation

22 September 2017

I'm going to teach you to cook. Lettuce begin. First you pick your fish for the halibut. Add some seasonings lightly, don't run out of thyme now!

Under the Sea

10 April 2017

How can the Little Mermaid avoid all her problems under the sea? Go aerial.


20 March 2017

If a large garbage can sinks in an ocean, attempting to retrieve it would be considered dumpster diving.


22 February 2017

Why are Assembly programmers always wet? They work below C level.

Sea Life

25 October 2016

What sea life doesn't help others? I'll give you a hint, they're crabby, and they're shellfish.


19 October 2016

Mermaids wear Sea-shells because b-shells are too small.