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What's the best way to teach a dog to shake hands? Pawsitive reinforcement.

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Dog Names

8 August 2022

I named my dog Whiskey because he's a hard licker.


25 January 2021

Why can't dogs get MRIs? Only CAT scan!


13 August 2020

I wonder when the very first Dalmatian was spotted?


9 July 2019

What's the difference between a dogwood and a pine tree? The bark.


8 June 2019

A friend was pulling around a loaf of bread on a leash. "Nice dog!" I exclaimed. "Thanks", said my friend "It's a pure-bread."

The dog zoo

14 November 2017

I went to a zoo with all dogs. It was a shitzu.

Dogs staring

15 September 2017

Image of two tents across from each other, with a dog in each looking across from each other. The caption: "this is an in tents stare down"

Traveling dog

28 July 2017

How do dogs travel? By waggin'.

Dog's Tail

17 July 2017

Where does the dog go when it loses its tail? The retail store.

Ear Infection

7 March 2017

The vet came back to tell me that my dog doesn't actually have an ear infection. My only response was "That's good to hear".