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Picture of snakes on a 3D math plane. Source:

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8 June 2018

Image: Picture of a phone screen, with a bullet from a gun sticking through it. A literal screenshot.

Dogs staring

15 September 2017

Image of two tents across from each other, with a dog in each looking across from each other. The caption: "this is an in tents stare down"

Not a bear

30 August 2017

Image: Picture of a Koala with the caption: "What do you mean I'm not a bear, I have all of the koalifications"

Fig Diagram

20 December 2016

A picture of 4 figs captioned Fig. 1-4, with a title of "Figs: A Diagram" Source:


20 December 2016

Picture of 2 peppers dressed up in winter attire. Captioned: "Chili Peppers". Source:

In Defense of Puns

6 October 2016

Caps lock is on

4 October 2016

Laptop attempts to remove a hat, but states "I.. can't get... it off!"

An all in one machine sitting next to it replies "Dude, that's because your caps lock is on"