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Solar Energy

7 January 2019

I imagine using the sun for solar energy is a bright idea. I can't see it happening though.

Fish Preparation

22 September 2017

I'm going to teach you to cook. Lettuce begin. First you pick your fish for the halibut. Add some seasonings lightly, don't run out of thyme now!

Microsoft Office

14 February 2017

I used to be very good with Microsoft Office. My skills Excel others'. I had a great Outlook on my skills until you stole it. I'll get it back though, you have my Word.

Read the contract

20 December 2016

The cat made me sign the contract in blood. The proof is in the second claws! Should have read the tail end before hand.

Gluten Free

6 October 2016

Becoming gluten free is really going against the grain. No more gluten means it's a wrap on sandwiches. Pasta la vista gluten. At yeast you can still eat brown rice dough.

Autumn, Leaf, Orange

6 October 2016

I just want Autumn to leaf me alone. I'm not fall-ing for its tricks that the son is out. I'm inside because it's getting cold. Orange you glad the colors are changing though?

Dinosaur Fourth of July

6 October 2016

Did you know that the dinosaurs celebrated the 4th of July? They only had it once, because they played with dino-mite. You could say it started and ended with a big bang.