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Solar Energy


I imagine using the sun for solar energy is a bright idea. I can't see it happening though.

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9 June 2021

What do you call a cow with a sunburn? Roast beef.


15 December 2020

Last I time I took a bath I got a sunburn. Last time I try sunbathing!


9 December 2020

I stayed up all night because I couldn't figure out where the sun had gone. Then it dawned on me.

The Sun

28 August 2019

I'm always confused until someone sheds light on something. That's why without the sun, I'd be in the dark.


20 June 2019

Sundials can only be used by male children. If female children used them they'd be called daughterdials.


1 June 2018

A day without sunshine is like, dark.

Autumn, Leaf, Orange

6 October 2016

I just want Autumn to leaf me alone. I'm not fall-ing for its tricks that the son is out. I'm inside because it's getting cold. Orange you glad the colors are changing though?