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The least interesting animal has to be the boar.

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9 June 2021

What do you call a cow with a sunburn? Roast beef.


15 April 2021

What's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter.

Female Deers

3 February 2021

Why did the female deer need to take out a loan? She wanted a few bucks.


17 November 2020

What kind of fish helps you hear better? A herring aid.


25 September 2020

I went bought a dozen bees from a beekeeper. I looked and saw I had 13 bees. Apparently it was a freebee.


10 September 2020

I put a facemask on a chicken to protect it from COVID-19. It isn't perfect, but it fits the bill.


15 August 2020

Why don't you see many cows working at leather factories? That's just how cows hide.


9 August 2020

How do you treat a sick alligator? By giving it gator-aid.


13 July 2020

What's an Owl's favorite TV Show? Doctor Who, because it's a hoot.


9 June 2020

Penguins don't like visiting Great Britain because they're afraid of Wales


28 May 2020

What do you call a donkey that rolls around hauling dirt? wheelburro.


12 May 2020

Why can't lions ever be humble? They don't want to swallow their pride.


9 May 2020

What do you call a cow that's been shot? Holy cow!


15 April 2020

What do you call a dinosaur that knows a lot of words? A Thesaurus.


22 March 2020

Why don't they eat steaks on Star Wars? It's always Chewie.