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What do you call a cow with a sunburn? Roast beef.

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27 August 2021

What do you call a mean cow with a twitch? Beef jerky.


15 August 2020

Why don't you see many cows working at leather factories? That's just how cows hide.


9 May 2020

What do you call a cow that's been shot? Holy cow!

Deja Moo

20 February 2020

Deja moo, the feeling you've heard that bull before

House Building

20 July 2019

What's a cow's least favorite material for building homes with? Cottage cheese.

Cow Musician

3 July 2019

What do you call a cow that can play a musical instrument? A Moo-sician.

Singing Cows

2 July 2019

What key do cows sing? Beef flat.


24 May 2019

A cow that can't produce milk is an udder failure.


7 November 2017

If you wear cowboy clothes on a farm, are you ranch dressing?

Steak v2

31 May 2017

For real though, with out steak, I'd have a cow.