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What does Sully write with? Monster's Ink.

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Captain Hook

10 July 2019

Where does captain hook buy his replacement hooks?  At the second hand store.

Peter Pan

14 June 2018

What kind of cake does Peter Pan eat for his birthday? A Pan-cake.

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10 April 2017

"Mulan! How many enemies are on that ridge?"

"I'm not sure... about a hun-dred?"

Walt Disney

10 April 2017

"Walt, which part of your leg is hurting?" Walt points to left kneecap "Dis knee."


10 April 2017

What do you say to someone trying to enter the Beast's castle? Ring the door, Belle.

Ariel's Father

10 April 2017

What did Ariel's father say when he was convincing people to do stuff? Try-tons.

Under the Sea

10 April 2017

How can the Little Mermaid avoid all her problems under the sea? Go aerial.

A whole new world

10 April 2017

Who was Jasmine attracted to? A-lad-in trouble.

Music Genre

10 April 2017

What is Simba's favorite musical genre? Pride rock.

Simba #3

10 April 2017

What's The Lion King full of? Simba-lism.

Simba #2

10 April 2017

Why does Simba never order delivery? It's easier to eat whatever is lion around.


10 April 2017

You think Geppetto can tell if Pinocchio is lying? Oh, he nose.


10 April 2017

Why did Pumba like Simba so much? Simba was his mane man.