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Telling bad puns is how eye roll.

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6 September 2020

Making a typo on a headstone could be a grave mistake.

Quick sand

25 August 2020

I've got a sinking feeling that I'm in quick sand...


7 August 2020

I never wear Velcro shoes. They're a rip-off.


5 May 2020

What is the kind of news you read from a tombstone? Grave news.

Garbage Truck

26 April 2020

Driving a garbage truck means you're a rubbish driver.

Corona Virus

12 March 2020

Making fun of the Corona virus is a sick joke.


18 February 2020

Going out of business as a statue artist is really hitting rock bottom.


31 October 2019

I tried emptying out water from a bottle as a joke. It was a pour attempt at humor.


13 October 2019

They all laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian. Well, nobody's laughing now!

Up hill

7 September 2019

I tried to go up hill but fell back down. The potential was there but it went down hill.


15 November 2018

Why don't children TV shows allow talking ducks? They try to avoid fowl language.


11 November 2018

I wrote a joke on a piece of paper, but it was tearable.


1 November 2018

Why did the policeman smell bad? He was in the line of duty.


25 February 2018

This half clogged vacuum cleaner sucks.

The dog zoo

14 November 2017

I went to a zoo with all dogs. It was a shitzu.