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Why don't children TV shows allow talking ducks? They try to avoid fowl language.

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17 December 2020

Why are owls who lose their voice such rebels? They don't give a hoot.


27 September 2020

What do you call a fun babysitting Owl? A hoot-nanny


10 September 2020

I put a facemask on a chicken to protect it from COVID-19. It isn't perfect, but it fits the bill.


13 July 2020

What's an Owl's favorite TV Show? Doctor Who, because it's a hoot.


9 September 2019

A group of crows is called a murder. Well, only if there's probably caws. Only one or two crows is attempted murder. If you have a group of crows at church, it's a mass murder. If you have a group of crows and ducks together, you call it a murder most fowl that's not what it's quacked up to be.


22 December 2018

I bought a parrot yesterday. The reason? Speaks for itself!