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Shaved Cat


We shaved the cat yesterday. He's fur-ious.

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21 April 2021

Why do cats like bread? So they can loaf around the house.


25 January 2021

Why can't dogs get MRIs? Only CAT scan!


12 May 2020

Why can't lions ever be humble? They don't want to swallow their pride.


29 February 2020

Why are cats so good at baking? They are natural whiskers.


14 June 2018

Why does nobody believe lazy cats? Because they're liars.

Read the contract

20 December 2016

The cat made me sign the contract in blood. The proof is in the second claws! Should have read the tail end before hand.

Not Well

20 December 2016

The cat didn't feel well after falling from the window. She's feline down.


20 December 2016

The animal meowed for hours on end. It cat talk any other way.


20 December 2016

The crowd was confused by what the cat was doing. The cat then pawsed to explain it.

Kid Napped

20 December 2016

A girl's cat kidnapped her. It just whisker away.

Cats pile

29 October 2016

What do you call a pile of cats? A meowton.

Neutered Cat

6 October 2016

If you neuter a cat, will it no longer have fur balls?