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The flu can be just as stressful as COVID-19. It's just a different kind of strain.

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19 March 2020

What rank do you give someone with a cold? Hanker Chief.

Hand Sanitizer

11 March 2020

With all the sales, the inventor of hand sanitizer must really be rubbing it in these days.

Flu shots

10 March 2020

People who don't get flu shots make me sick.

Flu shot

8 March 2020

When you have a cold, getting the flu shot won't work compared to getting antibiotics. Guns aren't effective against the flu."

Famous Flu

7 March 2020

How does a flu become viral? From influenzas.

Porcupine Flu

6 March 2020

How do porcupines recover from the flu? NyQuill.