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Why is bread so lazy? It just loafs around.

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21 April 2021

Why do cats like bread? So they can loaf around the house.


27 February 2020

People with celiac disease that eat bread are really gluten for punishment.


27 October 2019

If you knead dough, you could get a job as a baker.


8 June 2019

A friend was pulling around a loaf of bread on a leash. "Nice dog!" I exclaimed. "Thanks", said my friend "It's a pure-bread."


7 June 2019

I went to the zoo and saw an area with a bunch of loaves of bread in it. A sign above read "Bread in captivity."

Gluten Free

6 October 2016

Becoming gluten free is really going against the grain. No more gluten means it's a wrap on sandwiches. Pasta la vista gluten. At yeast you can still eat brown rice dough.