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Square Root


I'm afraid of calculating the square root of 2. It's an irrational fear.

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Math Textbooks

17 January 2021

Why was the Math textbook at the psychiatrist? Because it has a lot of problems that need to be worked out.


1 December 2020

Which is smarter, longitude or latitude? Longitude, because it has 360 degrees.


29 September 2020

Why are triangles always so agreeable? Because you can always see their point.


1 July 2020

My friend was using their telekinetic powers to do math on an abacus. They offered me a turn but I declined. It's the thought that counts.


17 April 2020

If the population of Ireland grew twice it's size, it would be Dublin in size.


30 March 2020

Dying at the age of 101 would be dying at your prime.


18 March 2020

Is it easy being not negative? |Absolutely|!


16 March 2020

What do you do when you get cold in your room? Stand in the corner because it's 90 degrees.


21 May 2019

Inventing the number zero took no effort. It was nothing.


9 November 2018

I tried using a tower made of squares and triangles to reach the sky, but failed. I was out of shape.


31 July 2018

My teacher taught us hexagons today. I reported them because they were too edgy.

Root beer

1 July 2017

If you put root beer in a square glass, does it become beer?


21 February 2017

They say that the average doesn't always represent the data accurately. I guess it just doesn't mean much.

Being Number 1

19 January 2017

Being number 1 is odd.


6 December 2016

Picture of snakes on a 3D math plane. Source: