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What do you do when you get cold in your room? Stand in the corner because it's 90 degrees.

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6 April 2020

What happens when a snowman throws a temper tantrum? It has a meltdown.


20 March 2020

What does a painter do when they get cold? Put on another coat.


19 March 2020

What rank do you give someone with a cold? Hanker Chief.

Flu shot

8 March 2020

When you have a cold, getting the flu shot won't work compared to getting antibiotics. Guns aren't effective against the flu."

Ice cream

23 February 2020

Why is everyone afraid of ice cream? It  gives them the chills.


22 October 2018

Why did the hipster burn their lip while drinking tea? They drank it before it was cool.


20 December 2016

Picture of 2 peppers dressed up in winter attire. Captioned: "Chili Peppers". Source: