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I tried to solve a problem by flipping a coin, but it was a toss-up.

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Home valuation

3 July 2021

I live next to a coin manufacturing plant. My house is valuable because it’s near mint!


2 April 2021

I have a friend who's very rich. It's from all the fortune cookies they ate.

Karl Marx

24 March 2021

Why did Karl Marx fail his grammar class in school? He couldn't capitalize.


11 March 2021

I'll never sell things to cabinet makers. They're all counter fitters.

Art Dealer

7 March 2021

How can art dealers afford their rent? With Monet.

Female Deers

3 February 2021

Why did the female deer need to take out a loan? She wanted a few bucks.


23 November 2020

My friend makes a million dollars a day. He works at the mint.

Future teller

21 September 2020

Why do future seers always have a lot of money? It's all about the profit.


7 July 2020

A pie in the Bahamas costs about $4 per pie, but that's because they're stolen. That's the pie rate of the Caribbean.

Financial Advisor

15 June 2020

I thought about being a financial advisor. With my background in money, it makes a lot of cents.


3 June 2020

If time is money, aren't ATMs time machines?


7 May 2020

I an avid investor in stocks. Chicken and beef are my forte. I have enough stocks to be considered a bouillionaire.


1 April 2020

How do morticians make money? They urn it.


27 October 2019

If you knead dough, you could get a job as a baker.


22 June 2019

Why were the thieves putting their stolen cash with their dirty clothes at the laundry cleaners? They thought that's how you launder money.