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A pie in the Bahamas costs about $4 per pie, but that's because they're stolen. That's the pie rate of the Caribbean.

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27 August 2021

What do you call a mean cow with a twitch? Beef jerky.


30 June 2021

I lathered myself up in butter just to see what would happen. I went downhill pretty quickly after that.


9 June 2021

What do you call a cow with a sunburn? Roast beef.


4 May 2021

The baseball stadium announced giving away vaccines with the purchase of a hotdog. Who needs hotdog and a beer when you can have a hotdog and shot?


2 April 2021

I have a friend who's very rich. It's from all the fortune cookies they ate.


31 March 2021

What kind of bagels fly? A plain bagel!

Food Coloring

20 March 2021

I accidentally swallowed food coloring. The doctor says I'm fine but I feel like I'm dyeing inside.


16 March 2021

I tend to believe anything oranges say because they have a tang of truth to them.


12 March 2021

My friends go with me when we try new foods. They're my taste buds.


1 March 2021

Why do Farmers like dubstep?  They love it when the beet drops.

Waffle Cars

13 February 2021

My waffle maker made tiny waffle cars. It's the only time I enjoyed a traffic jam.


1 February 2021

When do astronauts eat? At launch time!

Pork Roast

13 December 2020

When I'm sad, I like to make pork roast. This gives me a shoulder to cry on.


29 October 2020

Why is it amazing that pumpkins are around on Halloween. They're usually flat from being squashed.


17 September 2020

Where does ground beef go to dance? The meatball!