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The flooding usually happens in August but happened in July. It was a monthsoon.

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25 June 2022

I used to work as a nighttime sniper. My job was nice, but knowing how it would all turn out was always a shot in the dark.

Helium Factory

10 November 2021

I fired someone at the helium factory today. I couldn't stand being spoken to in that tone of voice.

Bomb Squad

7 November 2021

I got fired from the bomb squad yesterday. It's a shame because I had a blast on my first day.


26 October 2021

Pregnant women are the only real body builders.


11 October 2021

What kind of street does a ghost like the best? A dead end.


8 October 2021

If you don't pay for your exorcism, will you be repossessed?

Haunted Homes

5 October 2021

Why did the haunted house dislike storms? Rain dampens its spirits.


22 September 2021

Gravity batteries have interesting potential.


27 August 2021

What do you call a mean cow with a twitch? Beef jerky.

Steak Puns

23 August 2021

Good puns about steaks are a rare medium well done.


23 August 2021

What kind of bees make milk? Boobees.


20 August 2021

What  do you call an indecisive bee? A  maybe.

Soccer Players

16 August 2021

I heard a rumor that Pelé was dead. After looking it up,  he’s still alive and kicking.


7 July 2021

My kid was caught eating wires. I've grounded them until they've learned to conduct themselves properly.

Home valuation

3 July 2021

I live next to a coin manufacturing plant. My house is valuable because it’s near mint!