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After a strenuous poop, I was wiped.

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29 April 2020

What do you say when you accidentally walk in on God on the toilet? "Holy crap!"


1 November 2018

Why did the policeman smell bad? He was in the line of duty.

Giant Whales

19 September 2018

How do you escape a giant whale after being eaten? You run until you're pooped out.

Poop Jokes

1 June 2018

Poop jokes aren't my favorite, but they are a solid number 2.

Alphabet Soup

20 December 2016

I ate four cans of alphabet soup yesterday. Then I had probably the biggest vowel movement ever.

Gives you the runs

20 December 2016

Did you know that diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your genes.

Eating a Pencil

20 December 2016

I ate a pencil once. I digested that sucker the old natural way. Yes, it was in fact a number 2 pencil.