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I used to work at a shoe factory but got fired because I didn't put any soul into my work.

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Bomb Squad

7 November 2021

I got fired from the bomb squad yesterday. It's a shame because I had a blast on my first day.

Trash Collector

18 March 2021

I got a job as a garbage man, but didn't have any training. I picked it up as I went along.

Math Textbooks

17 January 2021

Why was the Math textbook at the psychiatrist? Because it has a lot of problems that need to be worked out.


7 December 2020

I'd tell you a construction joke, but I'm still working on it.


23 November 2020

My friend makes a million dollars a day. He works at the mint.


15 August 2020

Why don't you see many cows working at leather factories? That's just how cows hide.

Financial Advisor

15 June 2020

I thought about being a financial advisor. With my background in money, it makes a lot of cents.


26 May 2020

I got fired from my job at the keyboard factory. I wasn't putting in enough shifts.


18 February 2020

Going out of business as a statue artist is really hitting rock bottom.


22 November 2019

Being in the window repair business can be pane-full.


14 November 2019

Working in the funeral industry is a dying business.


27 October 2019

If you knead dough, you could get a job as a baker.


23 October 2019

I tried becoming a pilot, but that never got off the ground.


19 October 2019

I attempted to be a body builder, I just wasn't a good fit. It didn't work out.


15 October 2019

I found a passion working as an electrician, which was shocking.