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I didn't think they'd mind that I overcooked their tortilla, but they told me we needed to taco bout it.

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Steak Puns

23 August 2021

Good puns about steaks are a rare medium well done.


1 May 2021

What gas weighs the least? Butane. It's a lighter fluid.

Pork Roast

13 December 2020

When I'm sad, I like to make pork roast. This gives me a shoulder to cry on.


21 November 2020

I was a member of a top secret cooking society until I spilled the beans.


29 February 2020

Why are cats so good at baking? They are natural whiskers.


27 October 2019

If you knead dough, you could get a job as a baker.


9 August 2019

If you boil the funny bone, it becomes a laughing stock. That's humerus.


7 November 2017

Have you ever tried cooking your meat over a nice, hot lava pit? I lava good BBQ.

Fish Preparation

22 September 2017

I'm going to teach you to cook. Lettuce begin. First you pick your fish for the halibut. Add some seasonings lightly, don't run out of thyme now!