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The baseball stadium announced giving away vaccines with the purchase of a hotdog. Who needs hotdog and a beer when you can have a hotdog and shot?

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25 June 2022

I used to work as a nighttime sniper. My job was nice, but knowing how it would all turn out was always a shot in the dark.


9 May 2020

What do you call a cow that's been shot? Holy cow!

Flu shots

10 March 2020

People who don't get flu shots make me sick.

Flu shot

8 March 2020

When you have a cold, getting the flu shot won't work compared to getting antibiotics. Guns aren't effective against the flu."


8 June 2018

Image: Picture of a phone screen, with a bullet from a gun sticking through it. A literal screenshot.


6 March 2018

I was asked if I wanted to try firing a shotgun. I guess I'll give it a shot.