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When do cars stop being cars? When they turn into a driveway.

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25 April 2021

I find if I get tired from running, I just have to stop running behind cars. It's exhausting.

Waffle Cars

13 February 2021

My waffle maker made tiny waffle cars. It's the only time I enjoyed a traffic jam.


11 December 2020

What is a missionary's favorite type of car? A convertible.


17 July 2020

I spent many years doing limo repairs. After all that time, I've got nothing to chauffeur it.

Garbage Truck

26 April 2020

Driving a garbage truck means you're a rubbish driver.


20 September 2019

I got fired as a mechanic because I took too many breaks.


19 September 2019

I used to work at a muffler factory, but it was exhausting.

Spare Tire

13 April 2019

When a wheel deflates on your car. You retire.


15 January 2019

I get aroused by car keys when I use them to start my car. Such a turn on.


26 November 2018

I removed the rear view mirror in my car. I haven't looked back since.

Chicken Coops

22 October 2018

Why do Chicken Coops only have 2 doors? If they had four doors, they'd be Chicken Sedans.


23 August 2018

What does the royal wall say when almost getting hit by a car while crossing the street in Brooklyn? "Hey I'm wallking here!"