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Home Building


I saw an ad that said "Buy one house, get roof free". I guess that means the roof is on the house.

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Haunted Homes

5 October 2021

Why did the haunted house dislike storms? Rain dampens its spirits.

Home valuation

3 July 2021

I live next to a coin manufacturing plant. My house is valuable because it’s near mint!


27 November 2020

My landlord constantly complains about feeling inadequate. It must be the complex he has.

House Building

20 July 2019

What's a cow's least favorite material for building homes with? Cottage cheese.

Construction Worker

27 May 2019

A person was building the frame house when their boss came by and told them how to properly build it. It was constructive criticism.

House Boats

24 May 2019

My best friend lived in the house boat next door. We eventually drifted apart though.

Horse's Home

10 November 2018

I built a horse home that withstood a storm. It's stable.


19 September 2018

My friend moved into a new house, so I bought them an elephant for their room. They thanked me but I said "Don't mention it".

Stolen Lamps

7 November 2017

The guy who had every lamp in his house stolen was delighted when it happened.