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Pun Storage


I store all my dad jokes in a dad-a-base.

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Steak Puns

23 August 2021

Good puns about steaks are a rare medium well done.


21 July 2020

I try to make cheesy puns, but everyone I know is laughtose intolerant.


19 April 2020

My friend sent me a postcard with a pun on it. I didn't get it.


24 January 2020

Telling bad puns is how eye roll.

No Pun Intended Redux

27 December 2016

I tried to tell a series of jokes to my friend to see if I could get a reaction. No pun in ten did.

No pun intended

27 December 2016

Did. Did. Did. Did. Did. Did. Did. Did. Did. Did.

No pun intendid.


27 December 2016

I once did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.

Good Jokes

10 October 2016

When your jokes are too good, and people sentence you to 2 years in a punitentiary.

Groan Up

6 October 2016

I used to love puns as a kid, but then someone told me puns are bad. I guess, that was the day I became a groan up.

Fight with puns

6 October 2016

Why do people use puns to fight? Because they have a duel meaning.