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I have a pet who loves to float and signal boats in the water. He's a good buoy.

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Scuba Diver

12 August 2022

I used work as a professional scuba diver, but I couldn't handle the pressure.

Water Droplets

29 January 2021

Why are water droplets at high elevations tastier than at sea level? Because it's Mountain Dew.

Feeling Down

21 January 2021

One day, I was feeling down and my friend said "It could be worse. You could be stuck underground in a hole full of water." I think he meant well.


15 December 2020

Last I time I took a bath I got a sunburn. Last time I try sunbathing!

Water Bed

3 July 2020

How do you make water beds bouncier? Add some spring water.


6 April 2020

What happens when a snowman throws a temper tantrum? It has a meltdown.


31 October 2019

I tried emptying out water from a bottle as a joke. It was a pour attempt at humor.

Sick Boats

15 July 2019

Where does a sick boat go to feel better? To the dock.

House Boats

24 May 2019

My best friend lived in the house boat next door. We eventually drifted apart though.


15 March 2019

Why was river rich? It had many banks

Holy Water

19 December 2018

How do you create holy water? You boil the hell out of it.


13 July 2018

The flooding usually happens in August but happened in July. It was a monthsoon.


7 November 2017

I started a business building boats. Sails are through the roof!


20 August 2017

Can you imagine how much deeper the ocean would be if it weren't for sponges?


29 July 2017

I put mint in my hot water. It's minty.